0,175 Liters cans

The 0.175 liters tin has dimensions 7,5 x 8,8 x 3,9 cm and a 24 mm hole. It's available in packs:

-162 cans with 170 caps in a box of 48x31x37 cm
-540 cans with 550 caps in a box of 42x72x66 cm

For those who needs high consumption of cans, are also avaiable cheap pallets of about 4800 pieces each. The smaller sizes are ideal for fine quality oils, suitable for sampling and for retail sale. The special screen prints and rounded shapes meet market needs and provide optimum visibility for your product. If you already have your own custom label, you can use anonymous items, or you can choose between the various lithographs available, which however provide space for the application of your data. The removable drip cap allows you to use the product for consumption directly from the can. Our cans are manufactured in Italy.

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